Saturday, June 20, 2009

...roadblocks...just need to get around 'em... I have not been able to blog for a few days...but I am able to blog from my phone (gotta love technology!!!) so I should be able to blog...even if it is a short blog...but I should be able to blog on my downtime.

So...I went to the orientation for the SSM Weight Loss Institute on Monday. I was SO pumped to start. I wanted to start, like yesterday. I had an idea of how the program worked, because of my friend who has been on it. First roadblock...the next "session" of the program does not start until 7/21. Near the end of July??? I was ready to start NOW!!! Okay. I can handle this. It was just a tiny little roadblock. I can totally get around this. I figured I would buy a weeks worth of meals and shakes, and start the program before it officially begins. So I write a check for $113 and change. I get a weeks worth of shelf-stable meals, two cans of shake-mix-powder and 14 snacky bar things. The price did not even phase me, because I figure it has to be cheaper than eating out and eating all of the garbage I have been eating. I have been eating the food...and it is really not bad. Better than I was expecting.

The second roadblock, the REAL roadblock...because I have high blood pressure, I would have to participate in the physician supervised program. Oooookkkkaaayyy. Tell me more about this. Well, I would still have the weekly hour and a half meeting, but I would also have a half hour visit/checkup with the doctor supervising the program. With labwork and the physician visits, the first visit would cost $263 and after that would run about $50-$80 a week PLUS the cost of food. Wow. I was expecting $20 for the meeting plus the cost of the food each week. The kicker is, that even though this is all medically insurance does not cover any of it!!! I don't want them to cover my food...just the labwork and doctor visits. They must figure that it is cheaper to keep me fat and on medication and in and out of the hospital and doctors than to cover a medically supervised nutrition/weight loss program. Note the scarsam in my voice. :0) That was a major roadblock, and there did not seem to be a detour.

Mike and I talked it over...and his major concern, of course was the cost. I can't say that I did not agree. This is the one time we ever saw eye to eye on spending/saving money!!! He did meet me in the middle, though (my detour, if you will) and agreed to let me start Weight Watchers again. I have had great luck on WW in the past. I just need the support and to stick with it.

I am excited. This should be easy. I should be able to access from my cell I can log my food and track points while I am at work. I am excited!!!

Of course, I have been trying to log on from my phone for two device is not yet supported.

Gotta find another detour!!!

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