Sunday, June 21, 2009

...Happy Father's Day from one of four girls...

Just thought that I would take a second and wish all of the daddies a Happy Father's Day. My father is an amazing man. Of course, most girls think the same of their daddies, but to this day my father is still the best. He is a great father and an even better grandfather!!! He put up with a lot, having four daughters before his dear son came along. :0) One of my funniest memories is when we were preparing for our annual trip to Walt Disney World. I was a little older, maybe late teens, early twenties (see what I mean, I was old enough to be on my own, but still came along on the awesome family trips to Disney). My mother had fallen and broke her leg. She thought she was going to spoil the whole trip...she was so wrong!!! For a week and a half, we got priority seating at parades and got to go to the front of the line because of her!!! I digress...

My mother usually did most of the trip prep...from getting sun shades for the old Safari van (these will do just fine...) to making sure we had batteries and film, to getting clothes laundered and packed. She always took the four of us to the store to get our necessary trip shampoos, sunscreen...anything that teenage girls needed for the trip. Yes, this also meant feminine supplies. The year that Mom broker her leg, Daddy had to take us to get our stuff. This was good, meaning we could load the cart with stuff that Mom would have said no to...CDs for the ride, lots of good junk food, completely new makeup, new hairdryers and curling get the idea. But this was also bad, as my most vivid memory was of my father standing at the end of the feminine hygene aisle, looking at Mom's list and saying "you girls get whatever it takes...". He was mortified!!! The only thing that makes my strong father weak is feminine products!!! Ha!!!

Of course, I have other great memories of my father...enough to write a book!!! I just figured that I would share one of my favorites!!!

Happy Father's Day Daddy, and too are an awesome Daddy.

Love to all.

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  1. Hi... just happen to cross your site...

    Im planning to go to Tokyo or Hong Kong Disney this Christmas. Hoho and I found some stuffs from Hong Kong Disneyland here as well:

    I will definitely take tones of photos there!!!