Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day One...The Journey Begins...

Okay...so I am taking on a lot today...my first blogging attempt!!! What am I thinking??? There is so much that I should be doing...but this is much more fun!!! I am on the computer all of the time anyway, so I may as well post my trials and tribulations. I am supposed to journal thoughts and feelings...but I have so much going through my head at any given moment, that I would have pen and paper in my hand all of the time. Since that is not possible, this is a way to get some of the journalling out of the way.

Why did I start today??? Well, the weight-loss journey has began...once again. This should be the last time. I went to an orientation yesterday for the SSM DePaul Weight Loss Institute. A dear friend of mine has been on their program for almost two years, and she has lost an amazing 176 lbs!!! What I went to was just an orientation, the actual program does not start until 7/21!!! I made my appointment to meet with a nurse for the program...but I decided that I could not wait until 7/21...I am ready NOW!!! Even though I am not officially enrolled, I purchased all of their food for the next week. Man, this is going to be hard. I have had two shakes today, one more to go...I still need to get in three servings of fruit/veg and eat two entrees. It is a lot of food...just not the food that I want!!! ;0) I was putting my entrees in the pantry, and found a stash of Chunky Chips Ahoy!...aruggghhh!!! I got the mail, and there were coupons for Imo's Pizza...my favorite!!!

I am committed to this, and want to succeed...I just have to make sure that I have the support that I need!!! I am most afraid of the cost...insurance most likely will not cover the cost of the labs/doctors consultations. That can be pricey. Mike (my DH) is concerned about not only the cost, but my commitment to it. He has seen me both succeed and fail on every other diet in the past. That is the hardest part, wondering if I will have his backing. Then there is the whole other angle that Mike and Michael (DS, 4 1/2) will be eating regular food...that is going to be hard.

Oh well. That is what I am here for, and hopefully what you are here for!!! I can start this journey with the support of friends and family, near and far!!!

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