Monday, March 18, 2013

Life Happens


Life happens.

Between the good {my Origami Owl business taking off, working 40 hours at my "part time" job during Spring break} and the bad {the snow, my recent bout of the flu and my mother's hospitalization (again)} life happened.

I have not had the time to sit and blog.

In fact, I am sitting in on an O2 webinar while I am writing this.

I am glad that life is happening, but I need a break!!!

Girls trip to New Orleans June 1 - 5.

That will be a nice break.

Origami Owl "Annua-Owl" conference in Phoenix, AZ from July 17 - 21.

Work???  A little.  Fun???  A LOT.

A family trip to Walt Disney World for Christmas...ON CHRISTMAS???

Yay!!  Yes, this is supposed to happen. 

Mom {while lying in her hospital bed} contemplated an ENTIRE family trip to The World to celebrate Christmas {ON Christmas}.  Daddy wasn't going to argue. 

We have been before Christmas.  We have been after Christmas.  I was there on Christmas {when I lived in Central Florida}.  This will be the first time the entire family will be there.

You know, even if the whole Christmas Day thing doesn't happen...I will be happy going whenever we go.

It has been too long. 

My Happy Place is waiting.

Love to All.

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