Monday, February 13, 2012

So I Took a Little Break...So What?!?!?

So I took a little break.  I faced it, and am moving on.  No excuses.  My heart hasn't been in it.  My mind hasn't been in it.  Right now, I am back to spinning all of those plates.  Blogging slipped by the wayside.  It is not ALL bad.  Promise.  I am working on some neat, new things that I am SUPER excited about.  Here is an overall update...

 Health ~ well, we have ALL been feeling kind of gross since the holidays.  I am chalking this up to the crazy weather we have had this winter.  Most of our days have been pretty mild, above freezing mostly, and we have (up until today) had barely two inches of snow.  Now, the temperatures can swing, and I think we just need a good freeze to "kill" the germs.  Maybe it is an old wives tale, but we have all been so sick this winter that I think we really DO need a freeze.  I'll take the warm temperatures, though.  The good thing is, Big Daddy hasn't been plagued by the cough/pneumonia that he seems to get every. single. year.  We have all been fighting colds, sinus problems, clogged/infected ears and sore throats.  Strep has been running rampant in the school, and I can't afford to get it again.  I have had it four times in the last month, and am afraid the next time I get it, my doctor will talk about taking the tonsils out. 
I was in the Emergency Room recently.  Nothing related to our icky sickies lately, but because of my monthly period.  Now, I have been getting my period since I was 11.  Yes, 11.  I have been dealing with it for quite. some. time. now.  I have never, ever experienced heavy bleeding like I did on Friday.  To spare the dreaded TMI, lets just say that I was passing blood clots.  Lots and lots of clots.   The size and quickness of these were shocking to me, enough for me to call Big Daddy (the man watched me give birth, I knew this would not bother him).  He was concerned enough to hand me the phone.  The nurse at the after-hours line was concerned enough to send me to the ER.  I checked out all right, just a case of Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding.  Nothing to worry about.  I have to follow up with my OB/GYN for an ultrasound.  Yay.  I seriously want to rule out anything serious...but I also want answers.  If it is anything more than a heavy period, this could explain a lot about how I have been feeling.
I have been talking with a co-worker (dare I say, friend) that I trust dearly, and have decided to go back to a therapist and psychiatrist to get me back on track with my meds.  The blog is kind of a big-picture to how things are going in my life.  If it feels too overwhelming, then I neglect it.  The house has been in worse shape, but I am no longer counting the "my house has been clean for X" days.  Big Daddy is helping a lot, but I feel so overwhelmed.

Because we are talking about a clean goes hand-in-hand with our "purging/packing like we are moving" blitz, because...well, we ARE moving.  I don't like it. 

Finances ~ We are working with our financial advisor to pay down a lot of our old debt.  This hurts.  We might have an opportunity to get a fairly-new (built in 2006, I believe) condo for a steal.  As much as I love this house, it won't be ours.  If the condo doesn't work out, we are working with a realtor to help us.  Lots of plates spinning here, but I am okay with this one.  Big Daddy is in charge of these plates.

Little Man ~ I feel like we are back to square one here.  We have an appointment with ANOTHER psychologist (in the same group as the one we saw before) this week.  We wanted someone a little closer to home.  Of course, we can't get him in to see a new neurologist in this group, because he is currently being seen by psychologists (???).  He is doing all right.  I just think that things could be so much better for him.

My work with Little Miss M ~ we are in a new classroom.  Yes, Little Miss M's mother moved her into a different classroom.  I have been pushing for this for months now, so I am excited to see where this takes her.  I could go into a whole other blogpost on this subject, and I will.  It has been a roller coaster couple of weeks, but it is SO worth it!!!

Disney News ~ I am not sure what "category" this falls under, but just last week, I was invited to participate in the Disney Parks InsidEARS.  What an honor to be named one of the first 1000 InsidEARS!!!  More details to come (I am getting tired).  The site is still in testing, but what it amounts to is that it is a forum for fans of Disney Parks to share ideas, tips and tricks.  No surprise here, but I am an "expert" in Disney's Hollywood Studios (my favorite park) and Disney Shopping.
I knew my love of Disney Dooney & Bourke purses would pay off!!!
I am very, VERY new to the InsideEARS, but am excited to share the journey with you.

That is about it.  Doesn't seem like a lot has been going on, but there really has been. 

Love to All.

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