Saturday, September 24, 2011

Perfectly Happy

As I sit and type this, I am missing my 20th High School Reunion.

Yep, not going.

I keep up with many classmates via Facebook.  We are all over the country.  For awhile (during the ten year reunion time) I was even out of state, living in Florida.  I have since moved back "home" and am even now working in the very elementary school I attended. 

I was a "middle-of-the-road" type kid...I was friendly, not too popular, but not unpopular.  I made my way through High School, keeping busy with extra-curricular activities, hanging out with my friends, doing okay grade-wise...I collected my diploma that June day back in 1991 and I was finished.  I went back to my Alma matter just once, to deliver a forgotten notebook to school for one of my sisters.  I can't even recall attending school plays or productions or assemblies for my sisters or brother in the years that followed.  I did not attend any more football games or school plays.  I was ready to move on.  Some friends went away to college, I stayed home.  I went to Community College, and decided it really wasn't for me.  It took me awhile to really find what I wanted to do (it was 1996 and I decided I wanted to work for Disney).  I don't have any stand-out good or bad memories about high is just a chapter of my life I was ready to close.

Fast-forward 20 years, and it is reunion time.  Sure, I live less than ten minutes from my old high school, and I really had nothing planned for the Homecoming Football game, but I didn't go.  It really didn't interest me.  One thing I have noticed, even though we are all 20 years older, I am not sure much has changed.  There are still the "cliques" and "circles" it seems after all these years.  I was reading my Facebook feed this afternoon, and found out that there was a fight at a bar where my classmates were celebrating at after the game.  Really???  We are all pushing 40 and a fight broke out???  Yeah, not interested.  I am sure I would have seen many friendly faces, and we all would have been cordial...but I truly am not interested. 

Do I feel weird not attending???  Not at all.  I still keep in touch with my best friend from those days.  We are still close.  I would call her my close friend, but not my "best" friend.  At my age, I feel a little silly calling someone my "best" friend.  That title would belong to Little Man or Big Daddy, anyway.  Yes, she is a very close friend, and we have fun together, when we can get together.  I am guilty of wrapping myself in my little cocoon of life and pushing "girl time" to the back burner.  We have quite different lives...she is single and has a great career, travels all over the world and loves to work in our community theater group.  I am a Mommy, love my job (I am a big kid at heart) but it is certainly not a glamorous career, we travel to the same place all the time (I am NOT complaining) and my social calendar is more PTO and Cub Scout meetings rather than Cosmos with the girls.

And I am perfectly happy that way.

Today we saw "The Lion King", went to the Scout Shop to pick up Little Man's Cub Scout uniform, had a nice lunch and took a nap.  Tonight I am going to sew patches on the uniform and spend time with my family.  No, not glamorous, but it is just the way I like it.  I will look at the photos, and maybe say something nice about them...

...but I won't say "I wish I were there"...

Love to All.

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