Saturday, June 26, 2010

...taking it all in...

Reality has not set in...not quite yet.  It won't hit me until Thursday...after my last day at work, after my going away party with my coworkers, after I get a chance to sleep in.  No, the SAHM thing won't hit me until then.  Do I regret giving my two weeks notice to work???  Yes, a tiny bit.  I can't believe that I gave up a comfortable, decent paying job for...nothing. 

Okay, I can't really say nothing.  I am doing this for Little Man.  He needs me to be available to him.

I can't say nothing.  I am going back to school to make a better life for my family.

I can't say nothing.  I was NOT destined to be a teller at the same branch, at the same location, with the same routine every day for the next twenty-five years of my life.

I am looking forward to my new beginning...I am a lot scared, but that is my nature.  We have a plan, a deadline, a reason.  If this does not work out, I can't look back and say that I did not try...because I did.  I tried. 

Love to All.

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