Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My 17 inch struggle...

Okay...so we are staying here for another year.  We have a lot of stuff to straighten up/straighten out in the next year.  There are many reasons why we are waiting a year before making any life-changing, across the country, away from my family move.  First and foremost, Michael starts kindergarten in July.  We are working very hard and very closely with a panel of educators for Michael and his best interests.  He has made such great strides in the last two and a half  years...but we have a way to go.  While his speech is getting better, his language is lagging...and his social skills are null.  Of course, this is all so hard for me to swallow...my Little Man is practically perfect in every way.  We had a big pow-wow today with the panel...and I wore my big girl pants to the meeting.  I waited until we were in the car, driving out of the parking lot to break down into tears.  What got me most is that they said that his IQ was below normal.  Now, how can they really test th IQ of a five year old???  I just don't get it...he is SO smart.  He just lacks the social skills.  Mike told me to focus on the positive things that they mentioned...and that they did say that there is some variance on the IQ results.  It is just in my nature to worry.  That being said, I really want to make sure that Little Man gets the best education he can get...and we are working so hard here to make that happen.  I am afraid to pick up and start over in a whole new school district, in a whole other state!!!

The other reason why I want to wait out another year is because I am SO not ready to pack up the contents of this house (and it's basement) to move.  That is a year's job in and of itself.

In deciding that we will not be moving to the Sunshine State for at least another year, I am getting more and more excited about our upcoming trip to The World in September.  We are heading there as a family (and by family...I mean just about EVERYONE from my Grandparents to my Aunts and Uncles to my brand new soon to be born nephew Nolan) for my sister Melissa's wedding.  Yes, she is getting married at Disney.  I am so excited.  We are staying at a Grand Villa at Disney's Old Key West Resort for the better part of the trip.  Mike and I are looking to head down a day or two early, and stay a day or two after.  We have lots of family and friends to see while we are there.  I know we won't be able to cram everythng in that we want to see/do...but we are going to try. 

My dilemma of the day is the flights.  We knew it was going to be spendy to get there, since we really don't have the time to drive.  We were going to fly for the extra time that it will give us.  Well, it has been a few years since I have flown...and my weight has gone up and down in that time.  I am afraid it is on the higher side of up.  Well, Southwest Airlines is the only airline that has nonstop flights from Saint Louis to Orlando...and SWA has a policy for "passengers of size".  Yeah, I don't have the money to by TWO tickets for me.  I am hoping, hoping that me, Mike and Little Man can all sit in one row, and I won't be offending anyone if I "spillith over".  The last time we flew, we flew American Airlines, and there were extra seats on the flight, so I sat with Michael and Mike sat by himself.  The flight attendant was kind enough to give me a seat belt extender without incident.  When I looked at SWA's policies, it stated that their seats are approximately 17 inches wide.  I have not measured my butt, but 17 inches seems awfully narrow, if you ask me!!!

Oh well, I just have to get my butt in gear.  Literally.  I have to get movng in the next few months, and be very dilligent about sticking with Weight Watchers.  I have been slacking on that end.  Michele and I have been back to our 5:30 am workouts...but it is the food that I struggle with.  Bad food is so much easier, and so much tastier!!!

Here is to my quest for a 17 inch ass. 

Love to all.

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