Saturday, September 12, 2009

...third time is the charm...tail tucked between my legs... this is like the millionth third time I have started this thing over. How embarassing!!! Lots going on since the last time I DH confronted me over our finances...UGH. I am, admittedly not good with money. Not good. Wait, I take that back...I am very good at spending it...but that is not the kind of money management he had in mind. He had to take everything over. Everything. I don't have any cash in my wallet, or a debit card to use. Double UGH!!! What if I get stuck without gas. Okay, that would not happen. I mean. It is not the end of the world. I am taking things one step at a time. I planned a weeks worth of meals. This will give leftovers for lunch. Yeah, I don't eat leftovers, so I bought turkey and whole grain wraps to take to work. Blah. This is going to be good for us all around. We will save money and eat better. No QT fountain Diet Coke (oh, how I will miss you), no junky McDonalds for breakfast on the way into work (oh happy little sausage burritos, I will miss you...your hashbrown cousins, not so much), no whatever-I-happen-to-be-hungry-for-for-lunch (I work in a Credit Union located inside a Super Walmart for heaven's sake!!!). Yes, I will stick with my fresh fruit smoothie for breakfast, my whole-wheat-turkey-wrap-thing for lunch, pack sensible snacks (like carrots...yum!!!) and bring my water and Crystal Light. Livin' La Vida Loca, I tell ya...Livin' La Vida Loca...

This has been a challenging week. Started out normal. I was off work Monday for the holiday, and Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday for my days off. I was only to show up to work on Thursday and Friday. Two days. Thats it. Yeah, I woke up Tuesday morning and could not focus, see straight and take three steps without vomiting!!! Vertigo strikes again, or so I thought. No, I went to the Doctor on Wednesday and was diagnosed with Labrynthits (sp???). Fluid behind the ear, causing the canal or something like that to swell. Long story short, too dizzy to stand, walk, drive. Could not go to work, doctor released me back on Monday. I HATE HAVING TO CALL OUT FROM WORK!!! Not that I put work before anything...but it is my job and it pays the I have to keep my nose clean. I work in a branch of only six people it seems that we are always short staffed. It should not bother me so...but I really can't stand leaving my co-workers high and dry. They are a great group of ladies, and I am sure that they understand...but still...I feel guilty. My mind wants to work, but my body has other ideas.

Little Man started his swim lessons today, and LOVED them!!! I am so happy. I have to keep him active and going...I don't want him to struggle with weight issues like his father and I have to. Of course, we were both pretty active kids when we were growing up. Things were so different for kids growing up in the seventies and eighties. Sure, we had our Atari to play...but we still played outside until the streetlight came on!!! Little Man seems so secluded, so isolated. Sometimes, I blame myself. If I did not work, then I would be at home with him all of the time and would be able to have his friends over. Okay, I need to help him make friends. Arugghhh!!! My head is spinning!!! Do we push our kids too hard too early??? I could go on and on and on...but it is getting late. My mere three hours of sleep are finally catching up with me. Though it is early for a Saturday night, I may be turning in...

We are heading to the Cardinals game tomorrow...can't wait!!! Busy week, work...Book Fair at Little Man's school on Tuesday and his IEP/Parent Teacher Conference on Friday. We joined the Rec-Plex here in Saint Peters (google it, I can't explain it) so I am going to try to fit in a walk around the track or a swim in the pool. I am excited!!! Keep everyone posted!!!

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