Monday, September 14, 2009

...insomnia??? this is technically Monday, but in my mind it is still Sunday night. I should have been asleep more than two hours ago!!! I was all ready for bed, laid down. I felt sleepy. My eyes are heavy and I have been yawning...however, when I try to sleep, my mind is racing, racing, racing. Stupid stuff. I don't know if it is the meds that are for the diziness and nausea. This is the second night. Could not sleep Friday night and can't sleep Sunday night. The only reason I slept Saturday night is because I took a blasted sleeping pill. Yeah, I slept 12 hours!!! I can't do that I took an anxiety pill...not really anxious, but maybe that is why the mind is racing. Anyway, I am hoping it will take the edge off and help me fall asleep. At this point, when my alarm starts to go off at 5am, I will have had about four hours of sleep!!! Yikes!!! Let's see how I do at work with four hours of sleep...I work an almost 12 hour day!!! I leave for the house at 715 in the morning, and get home about 8 at night!!! I should be good and tired tomorrow night!!!

We went to the Cardinals game today...Little Man had such a great time!!! I might try to figure out how to get photos on this thing...liven it up a bit. Heck, I have the time...might as well try it...

Well, I tried it and the picture is up at the top of the blog...something I will have to work on, I am sure.  I will try to figure all of this out.  In the meantime...I may try to fall asleep...sweet dreams friends.  So much to share tomorrow...if I am not too tired.  Planned my OP snacks, breakfast and lunch.  I am so excited!!!  Now, if I can get this sleeping under control...I can maybe hit the gym in the morning.  More to follow...may not be all that exciting, but to me it's just another day in my little world...  :0)

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