Thursday, April 5, 2012

Man, Disney Is Up To It Again...

Okay, so a bright lining has been found in a sour couple of weeks.

Disney announced new Dooney & Bourke patterns on Tuesday.

Yes.  This makes me happy.  Very, very happy.

Not sure that it will make my wallet (my really cute Walt Disney World wallet that my sister brought home for me) or Big Daddy happy for that matter.  Who cares???  I need a little sunshine in my life, and these come out right in time for Mother's Day.

According to The Art of Disney Parks website and the official Disney Parks blog, two new Dooney & Bourke collections are set to debut on May 12th.  One, is exclusive to the Disneyland Resort.  Reason for us to book a trip to California???  I think so.  {also worth noting that as a self-proclaimed "Disney Nerd, I NEED to walk down the same Main Street, USA that Mr. Walt Disney himself walked down}

The Disneyland exclusive collection looks to be called, simply Retro.  Oh my goodness, I have never been to Disneyland, but I have to have a bag (or two) in this pattern.  According to the The Art of Disney Parks website, the new line will "be available in a variety of popular silhouettes including a wristlet, mini barrel, tassel tote, satchel, letter carrier as well as an iPad case. Prices range from $78 - $268".   

Here are some photos from the Disney Parks blog.

This is the iPad case.  This item seems to be creating the most buzz on the internet so far!!!

This is the letter carrier.  Not my style of bag, but I know it is incredibly popular for use as an in-park bag.  Since I either carry enough for a small army, or nothing at all, I have never considered a "real"purse for use as an in-park bag.  This all could change.

Here is the mini-barrel bag.  Disney and Dooney have been releasing more of this style bag, I think it started with the Comics collection back in December.  I have heard pros and cons about this bag on the internet.  Probably too small for my use, and can't justify the price for use as a makeup or gym bag.

The satchel.  I am not sure of the dimensions of this bag.  If it is like the Large Sketch bag or 40th Anniversary Kristen bag, it is probably too large for my use.  Overall, this is my favorite style in this print.  I will have to see the size of the bag before I make any decision.

Tassel tote.  This looks like it could be more of the size that I use on a daily basis, but what is up with the tassels???  Too long.  They look kind of out of place on this bag.  Just doesn't quite fit.  That is also the general consensus on the Disney Dooney Facebook Fanpage.

Last, but certainly not least...the wristlet.  This is my go-to-bag when I am not sure if I will like a pattern.  This won't be a problem with the Retro pattern.  I already love it.  I am just becoming slightly obsessive about getting wristlets when I get a big bag.  Even though I think this pattern works better on a bigger bag, the wristlet will be mine.

All in all, I think this is the best pattern Disney has released in a long time.  Probably since the 40th Anniversary collection.  I am really excited, even thought I don't have a trip to Disneyland planned anytime soon.  Thankfully, I have made many "friend" in the Disney Dooney community (at least on the Facebook page) and should have no problem getting one.  I can say that I will most likely get the Tassel tote and wristlet.  Even though the tassels are a little goofy, it is the size of the bag I like most.

The other collection released on May 12th will be called "Buttons".  This one will be available at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.  No photos have been released yet of this pattern.  Everyone is guessing, and everyone can't wait!!!

No word on if the collections will be available online.  All hope is not lost...the Anniversary bags that were exclusive to each of the parks were eventually offered at Disney Store online.  Of course, the Disney Princess Half Marathon Dooneys and Tinker Bell Half Marathon Dooneys were only available at their respective races (and Limited Edition, at that).  Aulani Dooneys  are still super-exclusive to can't even order them via phone orders!!!

Most of all, I am hoping that there is a Retro Walt Disney World line in the works!!!

Love to All.

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