Friday, March 16, 2012

Newest Disney Dooney & Bourke Collection {and how my collection began} anyone who knows me knows that I love, love, LOVE the collaboration that Disney Parks has with Dooney & Bourke.  It all started in late 2009 when Disney announced that they would be releasing park exclusive bags.  I knew it would be awhile until we got back to the World. {we wouldn't be returning until September 2010 for my sister's Disney Fairy Tale Wedding!!!}  All I could think about for that entire year was my beautiful purse.  I had my heart set on the large Sketch tote.  I saved and saved and saved, and blabbed and blabbed and blabbed about this purse.

What is there not to love about this purse???  Disney had released several more styles in that year, but this was by far my favorite.  We played in the Parks, we had a great time at the wedding, had a blast with the whole family.  I finally told Big Daddy that I was ready to get my bag.  We went to Mouse Gear in Epcot.  {side note: the store located inside Epcot is Mouse Gear.  Gear.  Not Mousegears, not Mouse Gears. No "s".  Not pushed together.  Mouse Gear.  That is all.  End of rant.}. The purses were so beautiful and on display.  I saw that large Sketch Purse.  I held it.  I smelled it.  I felt it.  I was so happy.  The purse however, was much larger than I anticipated.  Even the medium tote was bigger than I thought (who pays attention to the dimensions when looking at something online, anyway?!?!?).  Joy!!!  I could 'downsize' to the Sketch Tassel tote.  Priced at $175, I didn't feel bad spending that money.

$175.  Hmmm.  We spent 10 days at Walt Disney World.  The 'Mommy Guilt' in me set in.  $175 on a purse???  What could that buy Little Man???  I put the purse back on the shelf and shopped for Little Man.  I had plenty of memories of good times at Walt Disney World, both as a Guest and as a Cast Member.  I wanted Little Man to have memories of his own trips.  Something that he could cherish.  That meant more to me.

Fast-forward to Christmas 2010.  The family gift exchange.  I opened my package, and what did I get???  A Disney Cruise Line Sketch Tassel bag!!!  Totally unexpected!!!  My sister and her husband brought it back to me from their Honeymoon!!!  I loved this bag!!!  It totally reignited my obsession with Disney Dooney & Bourke bags.

Disney announced that they were releasing a pattern celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Walt Disney World.  One of these bags would. be. mine.  I was gonna put Mama first this time!!!  I saved my pennies and splurged on the 40th Anniversary Bucket Bag.  Yes.  This is my favorite bag.  My favorite pattern.  I have since bought other bags (denim Erica, first edition medium Sketch tote, countless wristlets and credit card holders) but this is my favorite.  I still have a long list of Disney Dooneys that I WILL own (Minnie Bow tote, Sketch Lucy bag, Aulani Resort bag, Princess Marathon bag, Balloon Colette...and the list goes on, and on, and on...).

Just yesterday, Disney Parks Blog gave us a sneak peek of a new Disney and Dooney & Bourke collaboration exclusive to the Disney Cruise Line.  Reactions to the new bags have been mixed on the Disney Dooney fanpage on Facebook and on twitter.  I am still pretty neutral on this pattern.  It is not the worst one offered.  {my least favorite pattern was the Disney Dream Inaugural pattern, I personally thought it looked cheap}  It is kind of growing on me, but it won't be high on my list of Dooneys to own.  Of course, that being said, I will most likely own a wristlet in this pattern, and I will pay way too much for it because my family is not planning on taking a Disney Cruise in the near future.

According to the Disney Parks Blog, this collection will make it's debut on the Maiden Voyage of the Disney Fantasy later in March.  The collection will remain exclusive to the Disney Fantasy until later this summer, when the pattern will be rolled out to all of the Disney ships (Magic, Wonder and Dream).

To quote the blog, “The new collection will be exclusive to the Disney Fantasy until later this summer when it will spread to the rest of the fleet,” explained Laura Caszatt, product developer for Accessories. “To make the new collection even more enticing for Disney Fantasy guests, the select collection silhouettes on the Disney Fantasy will feature leather embossed luggage tags that showcases it was part of the Inaugural Disney Fantasy Voyages.”

The buzz so far from the Disney Dooney & Bourke fanpage on Facebook is that the pattern is "sophisticated", "subtle", "classy and elegant" and "subtly Disney".  Interestingly, what people like about the bags is what some fans DON'T like about the bags.  Very mixed.  I am still neutral.  The more I look at the pictures, the more I like the colors (the leather trim reminds me of the sand and the blues remind me of the ocean...wonder why they chose those colors?!?!?  Duh!!!).  I won't go out of my way to get anything in this pattern anytime soon (like the Aulani bag...I would give my right arm for an Aulani bag), but I won't be surprised if a piece ends up as part of my collection.

Pricing on this collection will range from $55 - $395.

The Disney Parks Blog also gave us a sneak peek of a Disney Cruise Line bag that will be offered on Hawaiian sailings later this summer.  Now this pattern, I like.  I like the stripes, I like the DCL logo.  I don't know a lot of specifics on this bag, but will share as soon as I know more.  Disney and Dooney have offered a bag in a similar pattern in a denim/canvas material (on my wishlist) but looking at the close-up of the DCL logo, I am wondering if this is a coated cotton bag.  Hmmm. I don't know if this will be offered on ships and cruises after the initial Hawaiian sailing rollout {like Disney Dooney fans are hoping they will do with the Tinker Bell and Princess Marathon bags...release them without the special charm, PLEASE!!!).

What are your thoughts on the newest Disney Dooney collection???  Love it, hate it, neutral???  What is your personal Disney Dooney collection like???  Constantly growing???  What would you like to see on future Disney Dooneys???  I'd love to hear what you think!!!

Love to All.

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