Saturday, July 18, 2009's been a while...

Wow!!! It has been almost TWO weeks since I last posted something. I am on this computer all of the time...why has it been so long??? :0) Keeping busy on Facebook or Weight Watchers, I guess!!! I have found a tremendous amount of support for my weight loss journey on both sites. I have also found support for those dealing with depression or anxiety while trying to lose weight. I have lost 4.8 lbs so far on my journey. Some days, I think...4.8 lbs...that STINKS!!! I need to lose the weight faster...well, I put the breaks on those thoughts. I have slowly gained this weight over the past 7 years...I did not gain it overnight, and I am not going to lose it overnight.

I am slowly trying to take control of many aspects of my health/weight, my shopping, my finances, getting my son on a routine, cleaning/organizing the house, going back to school....whew!!! That is my problem...I want to accomplish SO much...that when I think about them all...I get overwhelmed, decide that if I can't do it all, I am not going to do anything at all...and then do nothing. Nothing.

I think I am going to head to bed early this evening and hit the gym in the morning. We will see. I will keep you all posted!!!

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