Thursday, August 8, 2013

...I am NOT stupid...I am NOT lazy...I know now this works...

I am not stupid.

I am not lazy.

I know that weight loss and weight gain equates to calories in vs. calories out.

I even believe that the "quality" of your calories matter.  100 calories of broccoli is going to fill and satisfy you more than one of those stupid 100 calorie packs of fake cookies.

Gross.  Not even REAL damn Oreos.  If it isn't an Oreo, don't call it one, okay???

According to Shape Magazine, 100 calories of broccoli is FOUR CUPS!

Yes, I am not going to sit down and eat a whopping four cups of broccoli...BUT I know that a small (say one cup) serving of broccoli is going to satisfy moreso than that pack of non-Oreos.

I know that staying active is key.  I keep active, however I want to be MORE active...but at my weight, it is hard to stay active.

I saw my doctor this morning regarding my raging headaches.

He suggested Gastric Bypass surgery.

No, he is not suggesting it because of my headaches.  He is suggesting it because of my weight gain.

I am gaining weight, despite my best efforts.

I came home crying.  I feel like this is the absolute last resort.  Does this mean I am giving up?

Hell no.

I had a breakthrough{while one hold with the insurance company} regarding this.

I have tried so many different diets and programs and regimens over the years.

I just need a little help.

I am not giving up.  I am NOT taking the easy way out.

This is going to be the first step in what will continue to be a long journey.

I still have a long, hard road ahead.  Sometimes there seems to be a bump in the road, or even a roadblock.  I just need a little help.  I just need a detour.

My doctor is helping me navigate this.  When he suggested this, it was a huge relief.  A huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders.


Our insurance company says any weight loss surgery is a no-go.

Yep.  Gastric Bypass is completely excluded.  Not covered.

I called the Weight Loss Institute that my doctor wants me to go through.  I can go through with the surgery as a cash patient.

At $25,000.

Both insurance and the Weight Loss Institute suggested Big Daddy call the HR department at the school district and see if they will include weight loss surgery as part of our coverage for our next open enrollment.

Yep.  We are smack in the middle of open enrollment as we speak.

So even if HR said "sure, weight loss surgery is a good thing, not a cosmetic thing...this could save us money in the long run" it will be at least a year before I could start the ball rolling.

I am still not giving up.

Still counting calories in and calories out.

Still getting off that couch.

Just a little frustrated that, after nine years, my doctor said "lets do this"...

...and I can't.

{Love to All}

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