Friday, October 14, 2011

...Going to the Pumpkin Patch and Taking More Photos...

...I always tell myself that I am "going to be better about taking pictures".  I feel that I am letting Little Man's childhood slip right through my fingers.  I don't think that is entirely true, but I always feel like the 'occasion' doesn't "merit a photo".  What is wrong with taking photos of the everyday???  Of course, I would get a lot of shots of Little Man sitting at a computer, chewing on his finger!!!  I also tell myself that I don't take more photos because things "just aren't right"...meaning my house is just too messy, or Little Man has chocolate around his mouth...meaning the shot won't be 'perfect'.

Wow.  I really need to let go of this 'perfect' thing.

I was going through some photos on my camera this evening, transferring them to my 'new-to-me' laptop (Big Daddy bought himself a new laptop in June, and COMPLETELY hated it from the yay me, it's mine!!!  We won't even mention how my old laptop is currently crashing and Big Daddy is currently restoring it as we speak.  Wow...this has been a hella-long sidenote...).

Anyway, I was going through photos this evening.  Because I am obsessive/compulsive about TRIPLE checking that my photos are not only on my laptop, but saved to a Sim card AND a CD, I started going through old photos from my old laptop (because I wanted to double check that I had them, even though it would have been too late because of the computer restore)...I have some great pics of Little Man when he was a baby.  Sure, I can see that the carpet might have needed to be vacuumed, and I could see that we were STILL living out of Rubbermaid totes in our townhouse (three moves in two years, including our move from Florida and one while pregnant) and I can see that some of Little Man's baby toys were right near a cable TV outlet (???)...I don't think he could have hurt himself, right?!?!?

Point, my photos were not set like those in Sears Portrait Studios (ummm, okay) or Kiddie Kandids or Portrait Innoventions (I don't know where people get pics anymore...we use local photogs).  No, they are more worthy of being on the website "You are NOT a Photographer"...because, I am not.  I am a Mommy with a (I thought pretty nice) point-and-shoot digital camera.  No fancy lenses, no fancy filters.  It does the job I need it to, when I get around to using it.

Yes, my friends.  You will start to see more photos from me.  Oh, and I really, REALLY need to work on the whole weight loss/getting healthier thing...there were pictures from our Walt Disney World trip last fall where I look pregnant...and yes, I still weigh more than I did when I delivered Little Man...this is a whole other blog topic for another day...

Where does the Pumpkin Patch fit in???  We took Little Man to our local pumpkin patch today.  I have all sorts of pics of him over the years at this particular pumpkin patch.  It has been in our area since I was a little girl.  What made me (and Big Daddy) laugh today was that I definitely knew I needed to back my pictures camera still had LAST YEAR'S pumpkin patch photos on it!!!  Funnier STILL was that Big Daddy was getting Little Man's clothes laid out for today...he came SUPER-CLOSE to wearing an almost identical outfit today that he did to the pumpkin patch last year!!!  (Red polo shirt and plaid patchwork shorts...too windy today, so Little Man wore jeans and a hoodie.)

Here are some of the (91) photos I snapped today...

Love to All

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